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If you happen to be looking for some premium e-juice on the market; please do not look any further. Yogi is well known for their interesting and tasty e-liquid flavors as well as the quality of their amazing juice. This sauce doesn’t gunk up the coil like a lot of juices do. And if you are running through a lot of that Japanese Organic Cotton that problem is now fixed with this e-juice brand. Yogi is currently known for their most famous e-juice called Granola Bar. It has the flavor profile of a hiking granola power bar. This is just one of many creative e-liquids they have came up with. Yogi uses 100% VG USP Kosher Nicotine with every single one of their e-juices. What these means is that they contain the purest and healthiest kind of nicotine there is on the market. If the creativity of bottle design and packaging intrigues you then we have your answer. Yogi has a super creative packaging design for all of their e-liquids; which grab the eye of all who pass by. If you are looking to explore new e-juice brands; you came the right way. Experience the hype with this e-liquid brand Yogi.