It is below freezing outside. You are cuddled up on the couch with your biggest and warmest blanket but for some reason you are still shivering. The heat is on blast but you still have goosebumps from the spine chilling cold. You peeked through the blinds only to see six feet of snow on the ground with the driveway piled up to the car doors. The oven timer goes off and you take a fresh batch of cookies out and instantly take a bit. Your body goes from shivering to perfect temperature and you feel joy fill your heart as you finally feel warm and comfortable. That is exactly what Crookies E Juice does. They are a new e liquid brand we have just received and they specialize in baked cookies flavor. Every single one of their flavors have an awesome bottle design that grabs the attention of anyone who passes by. Not to mention that the flavor itself taste like an actual real cookie! Right now Crookies E Juice comes in 60ML bottle sizes here at the Empire. It is becoming Christmas and Winter season. E Cigarette Empire highly suggest this tasty vape juice brand to anyone who is shopping. You will love it!
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Royal Oats E Juice by Crookies E Juice 60ML XXL E Juice by Crookies E Juice 60ML
Oatmeal Cookie Lemon Cookie