Hall of Fame E-Liquid is a new
juice line concocted by three of the leaders in the industry, each with their
own signature flavor. Industry titans Cosmic Fog, KILO, and Ruthless have
chosen to join forces and bring fans a unique selection of flavors fit for a
king. The attractive gold bottles paired with black labels bring a flashy yet
elegant contrast to this brand new line of e-juice. The first flavor, put
together by Cosmic Fog, is called Cosmic Razz. It is a mixture of sour
raspberry united with a sweet tropical smoothie. If you’re into smoothie
flavored e-juice, Cosmic Razz provides a familiar flavor with an original
twist. Second, KILO has brought us Donutman e juice. We all know that the donut craze
is a massive trend in the e-juice industry, so it was only right that one of
our favorite companies in the biz gave us their take on it. Picture splitting a
doughnut down the middle, stuffing it with fresh, ripe strawberries, and
drizzling a sweet raspberry syrup on top. That’s exactly what Donutman tastes
like. A breakfast lover’s delight, you will not want to pass up a chance to
give this e-juice a shot. Lastly, Ruthless Vapor brings us an e-liquid titled Gummy Snakes e juice. We’re sure you can guess what this one is. This candy-flavored e-juice
is a blend of your favorite brand of gummy worms from your local convenience
store, covered with a thick layer of sweet and sour sugar. Gummy Snakes is a take
on the popular gummy flavored e-liquid category with an innovative twist. The
HOF (Hall of Fame) E-Liquid line is manufactured with premium quality
ingredients and is available in 30ML bottles in order to keep you vaping all
day. Available in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg nicotine levels, this e-juice is guaranteed
to be a hit. Keep your eyes peeled for HOF (Hall of Fame) E-Liquid.

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donutman from kilo by hall of fame e juice cosmic razz cosmic fog by hall of fame e juice gummy snakes ruthless by hall of fame e juice
A deliciously crisp glazed doughnut split in half, and filled with fresh strawberries. Topped off with a sweet raspberry drizzle. a sweet succulent razzmatazz smoothie blended with raspberries and hard candy a massive, sugar-coated gummy that contains enough sweet and sour sugar to leave you in utter euphoria