Lost Art e-liquids Has been a favorite on social media and in the vape community for many different reasons. They have great flavors, they are very consistent, they are crafted in the US, and they have manufactured their items with the highest quality ingredients. Great care and artistry are a part of their flavor creation and selection process. Lost Art does not rush new flavors, taking time to let their e-juice steep (stand over period of time to increase flavor) and taking their time to decide the new flavors they are going to bring to the market. Their team takes months to select the ingredients for their e-juice to make for a product that is most pleasurable to every palate from every walk of life. This e-liquid manufacturer is making four flavor profiles that we are now carrying. There is Gummy Glu, which is a sweet and juicy gummy worm flavor that is sure to satisfy the most intense sweet tooth. Next, there is Space Rocks, which is Lost Art's take on those yummy little rock candies that crackle and pop when you put them in your mouth. Then there is the e-liquid called Beez Kneez, which is a spot on honey flavor that will have you double checking to make sure you're not vaping out of the honey jar. Last but not least is Cottontail Cream, which is a smooth and simple strawberry cream that is identical to taking a swig of nice cold strawberry milk. All of these flavors by Lost Art e-liquid are a huge hit in the vape community. Lost Art manufactures their product with the highest quality flavorings, nicotine, and ingredients right in sunny Los Angeles, California. The design of the bottles that this great e-liquid comes in is very straight forward and will give you all the information you need to know about each flavor before you even vape them. Our team here at E Cigarette Empire have thoroughly enjoyed Lost Art's line of e-liquid and are proud to have it on our site for our customers. The majority of these juices are blended right at 70/30 VG/PG which balances the perfect amount of flavor production and vapor production. Many of these e-juices by Lost Art e-juice have a very smooth and satisfying throat hit that makes for an all-around wonderful vape. All these e-liquid flavors are available in 30 ml bottles and in 0, 3, and 6mg of nicotine. We highly recommend you check out this manufacturer and stock up on your favorites while supplies lasts!

Now in: Slotter Pops!!! And Slotter Pops Grape White!
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the beez kneez e juice lost art liquids 15ml gummy glu e juice by lost art liquids 15ml cottontail cream e juice by lost art liquids 15ml
honey covered oat cereal dipped in sugar and dunked in a bowl of ice cold milk Imagine all of your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies thrown into a blender and transformed into an e-juice The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and cream. Like a tall glass of strawberry milk
space rocks e juice by lost art liquids 15ml Slotter Pops E Juice 30ml by Lost Art Liquids slotter pop the grape white e juice lost art 30ml
A sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy. An ice cold mixed berry Popsicle flavor that will remind you of the hot summer days by the pool! A sweet white grape with a touch of candied apple and citrus undertones.
grape white slotter pops e juice by lost art 60ml space rockz e juice by lost art liquids 60ml grape white e juice by slotter pop 120ml
White Grape Snowcone Fruity Popping Rock Candy Slotter Pop, a home-run hitting line of e-juice from Lost Art Liquids
slotter pops e juice by lost art liquids 120ml ogb slotter pops e juice by lost art liquids 120ml
Mixed Fruit Ice Popsicle Blue Raspberry Popsicle with Apple and Citrus