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  • iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit
  • iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit
  • iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit
  • iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit
  • iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit

iTaste MVP 2.0 iClear 16B Shine Kit



Black Linear

InnokiniTaste MVP2.0 Shine Edition




Innokin is well known for their heftiness and long-lasting charge for their units. Introducing the iTaste MVP 2.0 Shine Edition. The shine edition is a newly developed exterior. The design comes in 2 different styles. Either in black or purple linear. This unit is a beast. It’s a little heavier than most units but this baby could do some damage. It has a usage charge that could last over 8 hours! Another cool feature on this unit is that it has a portable power source that has a USB output port and can be used to charge your phone or any other USB compatible items! It could also be used while its being charged. It also has a built in 2600mAh polymer li- ion battery that is rechargeable.




Having the feature of variable voltage on a unit can be very beneficial towards the amount of vape you have. The voltage can be adjusted from 3.0v to 6.0 in 0.1 volt increments. The variable wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 to 11.0 in 0.5 watt increments. The difference between the volts and watts is that with the volts, you’re selecting the volts so it stays at the same level regardless of what kind of atomizer you put on there. The wattage is the amount of power you’re putting into it. The power is the equation of combining the resistance of your atomizer with the voltage. Another neat feature on the MVP is that it has a “puff counter.” A puff counter will record how many puffs that you have taken and will be cleared when the unit is turned off.



There is as well as a short circuit and atomizer protector. The benefits of having that feature is that it helps protect the unit against faulty atomizers.




This unit is as well a 510 thread which accepts only 510 accessories unless you have have a different adapter. There is a 10 second cut off which cuts off your vapor if consumed for over 10 seconds long to prevent internal damage towards your battery, unit &clearomizer.







  • 1 x iTaste MVP


  • 1 x charger


  • 1 x 510 spacer


  • 1 x iClear 30 clearomizer

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