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DRYD E Liquid is one of the newest premium e juice brands that we carry on our shelves. It was just released recently at the ECC 2016 Vape Convention. DRYD E Liquid is a brand brought to you by the same guys who made Pampa E Juice. DRYD E Liquid’s premier flavor known as Premium Mix has been gaining a lot of popularity. It has been taking over social media and everybody seems to want a bottle of it. Once we took our first hit, we could easily see what all the hype is about. Premium Mix has a unique flavor profile that has not been overly replicated in the industry thus far. It is profiled to taste like a blend of ripe apple and juicy pears. When we tried it, we noticed a hint of melon in the flavoring as well. The very first thing we liked about this e liquid was the smell. When you open the bottle and take a whiff, it is absolutely intoxicating. The best part about Premium Mix by DRYD E LIquid is that it tastes exactly like it smells. Upon inhale you will notice the apple flavoring,followed by light melon notes, finalized with juicy pear flavoring on the exhale. Premium Mix by DRYD E Liquid has a soft throat hit that very pleasent to vape on. A Lot of times strong fruit flavors can come off a little harsh and feel like chemicals on the back of your throat. This is not the case with Premium Mix. From start to finish you will get an enjoyable hit that will leave you wanting more! It comes blended in a 70%/30% VG/PG blend. This means that it is great for dripping as well as filling in a tank. This also means that this vape liquid produces strong flavor but also has decent cloud production. Premium Mix by DRYD E Liquid comes in a simple white box with a picture of apple and pear slices at the bottom. The brand name is written in elegant cursive font across the middle of the box. The e juice flavor name is written in a green font which properly represent the flavor profile. It comes in a traditional glass bottle wrapped in a label that matches the box. We carry Premium Mix by DRYD E Liquids in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in 120ML bottles.You can find more of DRYD's flavors in the 120ML E Juice category. Grab some today before it is all gone!
Flavor Profile: Apple, Pear, and Melon
VG/PG: 70/30
Nicotine Levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG
Size: 120ML
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