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Ripe Vapes did what?

That’s right, they have hopped on the newest wave in the industry and started creating some of their incredible flavored e juices as nicotine salts. We could not be happier about this whole situation, because Ripe Vapes is one of our favorite brands!

If you have ever tried any of Ripe Vapes e liquid flavors, you should be just as excited as we are! These guys have shown time and time again that they know exactly how to make all day vape liquid of the highest quality. So why not make a good thing into another good thing and turn these flavors into nicotine salts?

We couldn’t think of a reason as to why this isn’t a good idea. This is definitely the perfect place for you to start if you are on the fence about nicotine salts. Especially if you have tried Ripe Vapes before.

If you have not, you have nothing to fear. The minute you put any of these nicotine salts into your device your taste buds will fall in love! If we had to choose favorites, we would choose all the flavors that they carry. But the two most popular would definitely have to be VCT and Key Lime Cookie.

VCT is an unprecedented blend of rich vanilla, sweet leaf tobacco, and the creamiest of custard. The mouth to lung experience with VCT salt is unlike any that we have seen before, and incredibly smooth. Key Lime Cookie has an equally enjoyable MTL experience. This flavor profile is more zesty and tart, with the key lime, and cookie flavors clashing perfectly.

Grab any of the incredible flavors that we carry from Ripe Vapes Salt in 30ML bottles and thank us later! Each nicotine salt is carried in nicotine levels of 30MG, and 50MG.