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We get very excited when we see a brand that we know and love give us something new. In this case, we are talking about SVRF E Liquid hooking us up with all their incredible flavor profiles, but in nicotine salt form. That’s right! We now have SVRF Salt! What could be better than that? We can’t think of much!

When it comes to nicotine salts, most people are hesitant to make the transition for a couple of reasons. The first one being their hesitation to give it a try because they are afraid of a harsh throat hit. Lucky for us, SVRF has mastered the art of creating a nicotine salt with a smooth mouth to lung experience! All of their salts have very smooth throat hits, and very smooth deliveries as well.

SVRF has taken their ever popular e juice flavors and turned them into incredible salt flavors. We currently carry Balanced, Satisfying and Refreshing.

We love all of these flavors, as we are sure you to do too but if you have not heard of any of these we will take the time to tell you all about them. The first of which we want to talk about is Balanced. They hit the nail on the head with this name as they have achieved the perfect balance between coconut and cream!

E Cigarette Empire carries 30ML bottles of all SVRF Salt flavors in concentrated nicotine levels of 24MG and 48MG. If you are looking for a new salt for your device, this is the perfect place to start!