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Over the years, the vape coil has gradually evolved from an inexpensive commodity to arguably the most important part of the entire vaping setup. Coils have gotten bigger and more powerful than ever, and at the same time, they have also become more efficient. The evolution of the vape coil is the reason why the vape mods of today produce so much more vapor than the mods of a few years ago.

Innovations such as mesh coils, higher-quality cotton and larger coil heads with multiple heating wires have combined to make today's coils real vapor beasts compared to the coils of the past. If you haven't upgraded your sub-ohm tank in more than a year or so, you're in for a real treat when you do decide to upgrade because no matter what tank you decide to buy, it'll almost certainly be dramatically better than the tank you're using now.

What Are Vape Coils?

The vape coil is the main component of any vape tank. When you press the activation button on your vape mod, the mod sends electricity through a heating wire in the coil. The wire heats up, vaporizing the e-liquid held in the coil's fiber wick. As the wick dries out, it absorbs more e-liquid from the tank, so you can vape again. The coil isn't just the most important part of your tank because it's the component that generates vapor; it's also important because it's the only component of your vaping setup that you need to replace frequently. If you're a heavy vaper who prefers sweetened e-liquids, you may need a new coil every few days. That's why we always suggest buying a few more coils than you think you need.

What Are the Most Important Vape Coil Features?

The first thing you need to know about modern vaping coils is that they generally aren't interchangeable between brands as many coils were a few years ago. For the most part, you need to buy a coil made specifically for the tank you have by the maker of that tank. These are some of the other important features that might influence your vape coil buying decision.

Resistance and Wattage Range

Every vape coil has an electrical resistance measured in ohms and a suggested wattage range in which the coil operates most efficiently. If you operate the coil below the suggested wattage range, it'll heat slowly and may have poor vapor production. If you operate the coil above the suggested wattage range, you may burn the cotton wick. You should therefore buy coils that operate at a wattage your vape mod is capable of reaching.

Heating Wire Material

The most popular heating wire materials for vape coils today are stainless steel and an alloy called kanthal. There is little functional difference between the two except that some vape mods have the ability to limit your vaping temperature and prevent burning the wick if you use a stainless steel coil. You can also use your mod's temperature limiting features with a titanium or nickel coil. Titanium and nickel, however, do not work for standard wattage-based vaping, while stainless steel does. For that reason, titanium and nickel coils are not common.

Wick Material

The type of material that a vape coil uses for its wick can have a major impact on the quality of your vaping experience. Cotton is the most popular wick material because it provides a good balance between durability, efficiency and flavor quality. However, some vape manufacturers have experimented with different wick materials such as flax fiber, bamboo fiber and cellulose. The Horizon Falcon King is a tank that's famous for using interesting wick materials. The biggest benefit of alternative wick materials is that they're often more resistant to heat than cotton -- and avoiding burned wicks can help your coils last longer.

What Are Mesh Coils?

If you're buying a new vape tank today, you're likely to see the term "mesh coil" frequently. Some modern tanks that use mesh coils include the Uwell Crown 4, the SMOK TFV16 and the Freemax Mesh Pro. A standard coil uses a heating wire twisted into a coil shape. A mesh coil, on the other hand, uses a strip of metal mesh as its heating surface. Compared to heating wire, mesh is much more efficient and heats more quickly at lower wattage settings. If you're buying a new vape tank today, we'd strongly suggest buying a tank capable of using mesh coils.

Our Thoughts on Vape Coils

Coils are one of the key pieces of equipment to a functioning vape. You need coils in order for your atomizer or tank to heat up  and create the fatty flavor filled clouds that we all love.

Vape Coil Types

Coils come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant only for tanks, and others are meant only for RDA’s and rebuildable atomizers. We offer a large variety of tank coils, pre-wrapped coils, and spools of wire for you to wrap your own. In regards to tank coils, they have a range of OHMs that correspond with their wattage range. We provide detailed descriptions of all of our products so that you can find a coil that works best with your tank. A lot of the coils come wicked with Japanese organic cotton which soaks up e juice well and last long. Most of our tank coils come in packs of 3 or 5 so one purchase will last you.  

Pre-Wrapped RDA Coils

For rebuildable atomizers we have some unique pre-wrapped coils that all deliver some serious flavor as well as thick clouds. We carry coils such as Claptons, Aliens, Framed, Staple, Hive Wire, Tiger Wire, and many more. If you are a wrapping wizard then we offer spools of multiple types of wire. As you browse through our selection of different coils be sure to check that the coils you are looking at are compatible with your tank or atomizer. As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Enjoy!