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From the iconic "bearded man" logo to the somewhat cryptic e-liquid flavor names, there is simply no mistaking a vape juice from Beard Vape Co. Beard has become one of the biggest and most widely distributed e-liquid brands in the vaping industry, and there are several good reasons for the company's popularity. The biggest reason, of course, is that Beard Vape Co e-juice is incredibly delicious -- and there's an interesting story behind that.

Who Is Beard Vape Co?

Beard Vape Co launched in 2014 in California. The company began in much the same way as many other e-liquid companies. The founders had recently converted to vaping, but they were less than satisfied with the e-liquids available and thought that they could do a better job. They began by creating prototype after prototype until they had dozens of different e-liquids, each with its own number. One thing led to another, and the best e-liquids from that initial batch of prototypes became Beard Vape Co's first products. Those original numbered e-liquids are still available today, and they've become some of the world's most popular vape juices.

Over the years, the people at Beard Vape Co have continued to improve and evolve their product. They've expanded their flavor selection to keep up with changing tastes, and they've increased their bottle size to satisfy the community's demand for lower prices. Beard Vape Co's willingness to listen to the desires of the vaping community has only served to solidify their status as a true leader in an increasingly crowded market.

Beard Vape Co: Brands and Flavors

Although Beard Vape Co's original numbered e-liquids are still available and remain just as famous as they ever were, the company has also launched some newer brands to please vapers with different tastes. Here's an overview of Beard Vape Co's different brands along with our recommendations for which flavors you should try first. You'll find most of Beard Vape Co's e-juices right here on this page.

  • Beard Vape Co Original Numbered E-Liquids: These are the classic Beard Vape e-liquids that went through extensive prototyping and testing before the brand even launched. Each Beard Vape numbered e-liquid is a classic in its own right, and that makes choosing a favorite an exceedingly difficult task. We're partial, however, to Beard Vape No. 5. It's a flawless New York cheesecake with notes of cream cheese, sugar, graham cracker crust and strawberries. Most of the e-liquid makers who have attempted to crack the cheesecake code have failed. There's a reason why No. 5 is still around after so many years.
  • Beard Vape Colors: The Beard Vape Colors line takes the same commitment to quality that has made Beard Vape Co. famous and applies that commitment to a new range of flavors with an entirely different vision and source of inspiration. We love Tan by Beard Vape Co. It's a deliciously creamy spiced chai latte, just like what you get from the coffee shop.
  • The One: The mission behind The One is pretty simple, but executing that mission was certainly not. Beard Vape's goal in creating this e-liquid was to develop a single e-liquid with all of the vaping community's favorite flavor profiles rolled up into one vape juice. The One is supposed to be the one e-liquid you'll ever need. Get it? Although Beard has since expanded the line to include lemon and blueberry variations, our favorite is still the original The One by Beard Vape Co. It's got notes of strawberry, milk, cereal and doughnuts in a single e-liquid. It's deliriously tasty and very, very sweet -- but you'll love sacrificing your coils to this juice. 
  • Beard Salt: This line features your favorite classic Beard Vape e-liquids set in a higher-strength nicotine salt base for your smaller vaping device.

Beard Vape Co: Bottle Sizes and Nicotine Strengths

The classic Beard Vape Co. e-liquids -- along with the new Colors and The One brands -- all come in nicotine strengths of 0, 3 and 6 mg. The bottle sizes vary, though, depending on the brand. Beard Vape Co. e-liquids come in 60, 100 and 120 ml bottles. 

If you use a pod vaping system, you'll want to head over to our page for Beard Salt. These e-liquids come in smaller 30 ml bottles and are available in nicotine strengths of 30 and 50 mg.

E Cigarette Empire Loves Beard Vape Co E-Juice

Beard Vape Co is one of the many well-known e-liquid brands based out of Southern California. They have made multiple e-juices that have become popular and have held a top selling spot.

Beard Vape Co E-Liquid Flavors

A lot of Beard Vape Co.’s e-liquids are named by a number system. For example, a few of their titles are No.71 which a sour peach ring candy flavor, No. 51 which a custard flavor, No. 5 which is a New York style cheesecake, No. 64 which is a blue raspberry and hibiscus twist, No. 32 which is a cinnamon sugar funnel cake, as well as an e-juice called Punch which is a tropical juice beverage.

Premium E-Liquid at a Fair Price

All of Beard Vape Co.’s premium e-juices are made with top quality ingredients with the vape enthusiast in mind. You can tell in every single hit the tender love and care Beard Vape Co. put into their e-liquids. All of their e-juices come in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG nicotine levels in a range of 30ML, 60ML, and 120ML bottles. We highly recommend all of Beard Vape Co.’s flavors to anybody who is looking to try something new and unique. Grab a bottle or two while we still have them in stock! Everyone who has tried them so far loved them, we are sure you will too!