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As you walk across an open plain of green grass you soon come to a forest. For some reason this forest splits in half perfectly and leaves a dirt road leading you into the heart of this majestical journey. You look around and notice the trees are really full with healthy leaves and they are extremely tall. As soon as you start to fall into a hypnotic state you are startled by a loud rustling from the distance. Next thing you know a black unicorn jumps and soars through the sky right in front of your eyes. How can this be? Unicorns have never been seen before. How can a black unicorn just been seen with human eyes? This magical experience is exactly that BLVK Unicorn brings to you with every inhale of their vape juice. This e juice brand has just been put in stock here at E Cigarette Empire and has been selling like crazy ever since. The flavors are fruity and tasty. One cool thing about BLVK Unicorn is that their e liquids are pre bottled into 60ML black unicorn bottles. The labels are shiny and holographic. What is there not to like about them?! Swing by and check them out. You will be hooked forever!