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As you walk across an open plain of green grass you soon come to a forest. For some reason this forest splits in half perfectly and leaves a dirt road leading you into the heart of this majestical journey. You look around and notice the trees are really full with healthy leaves and they are extremely tall. As soon as you start to fall into a hypnotic state you are startled by a loud rustling from the distance. Next thing you know a black unicorn jumps and soars through the sky right in front of your eyes. How can this be? Unicorns have never been seen before. How can a black unicorn just been seen with human eyes? This magical experience is exactly that BLVK Unicorn brings to you with every inhale of their vape juice. This e juice brand has just been put in stock here at E Cigarette Empire and has been selling like crazy ever since. The flavors are fruity and tasty. One cool thing about BLVK Unicorn is that their e liquids are pre bottled into 60ML black unicorn bottles. The labels are shiny and holographic. What is there not to like about them?! Swing by and check them out. You will be hooked forever!

BLVK Unicorn Expert Flavor Review:

Caramel Tobacco

Caramel Tobacco is an exquisite rich tobacco blend flavored vape juice that has thrown in a little bit of a delectable caramel into the mix. Your taste buds will be occupied with wonderful flavor notions from inhale to exhale which makes this a great choice when it comes to picking an all day vape.

Chocolate Milk Box

Part of the new Milk Box flavor line, the profile of this particular vape juice is a wonderful chocolate milk blend. The inhale and exhale both provide a flavor experience that is almost identical to a cold glass of delicious chocolate milk!

CRMY Strawberry

CRMY Strawberry is a newer e juice flavor from BLVK Unicorn and it takes on a strawberry, vanilla cream, and graham cracker mix that will sweep your taste buds right into paradise. The flavor production is off of the charts and if you are a fan of creamy fruit flavored liquids, then you have come to the right place.

Cuban Cigar

For the most sophisticated of taste palates, Cuban Cigar takes on a flavor profile of exactly what it reads. From inhale to exhale, the rich cuban tobacco blend flavor notions overtake the entire palate, tricking the brain into thinking that you are actually smoking on the finest of cigars.

FRZN Apple

The story of FRZN Apple goes like this, delicious apple and ice menthol flavor notions blend together to provide an experience that is comparable to none when it comes to other menthol flavors. This juice has just the right amount of apple and menthol sensations!

FRZN Berry

FRZN Berry takes on a delicious strawberry and menthol flavor profile that will both occupy your taste buds with the fruitest of flavors while icing over the palate. When it comes to menthol flavored liquids, this is one of the most popular ones in the industry.


FRZN Chee is another popular BLVK Unicorn flavor and it provides a refreshing lychee and menthol flavor blend. The lychee is extremely delicious but not too overpowering to the point where the cool menthol doesn’t have a part in the show. You can expect to equally enjoy both flavors in this e juice without one overshadowing the other.

FRZN Mango

FRZN Mango is a ripe mango and menthol flavored vape juice that will bring you right into the tropics. The flavor production is very constant from inhale to exhale, allowing you to really dive into the juicy mango flavor notions. As you begin to exhale, the menthol undertone strengthens, cooling the mouth, bringing this experience to an end.

Mango Milk Box

Mango Milk Box is a very unique flavored vape juice that gives delicious a whole new meaning. The mango and milk flavor profile initially might turn people off but right after the first inhale, you are in for a whole new world! The strong mango fruit sensations and blended with a creamy notion, providing an excellent vaping experience.

Melon Milk Box

Melon Milk Box is another unique flavored e juice that is part of BLVK Unicorn’s Milk Box flavor line. The honeydew melon and milk profile produces strong melon notions during the inhale while the exhale is more focused on the refreshing milky cream sensations.

Pistachio Tobacco

Pistachio Tobacco is a newer e juice flavor that is a part of BLVK Unicorn’s tobacco line. The rich tobacco blend mixed with fresh pistachio opens the doors to a new world when talking about flavor experiences. If you are looking for something different but delicious, this is the perfect pick.

PRPL Grape

PRPL Grape is a delicious grape juice flavored e liquid that will knock the socks off of your taste buds. The straight forward flavor profile produces such a strong grape sensation that your tongue may believe you are eating the actual fruit. 


UniApple takes on a juicy fuji apple flavor profile that tastes identical to the actual fruit. The inhale and exhale are both filled with wonderful fruit sensations that will keep you coming back for more.


UniCake has a popular blueberry crumble cake flavor profile that the vaping industry cannot get enough of! The inhale provides a blueberry based flavor experience while both the undertone and exhale focus on the crumble cake aspect of the profile.


UniChew is one of the most popular premium vape juice flavors here at E Cigarette Empire. The strawberry soft candy flavor profile appeals to the taste palate like no other and produces fruity candy flavor sensation like no other e liquid can!


UniCoco is a uniquely flavored vape juice that consists of a pear and chocolate flavor profile. Prepare those taste buds because once these two flavors blend together during the exhale, your palate may lose its mind! Who knew that pears and chocolate mixed together so well!


UniDew is another extremely popular e juice flavor here at E Cigarette Empire. The honeydew melon and mixed berry profile provides a delicious flavor sensation that tops all other fruit flavored liquids!


Fruity cereal and milk is the flavor profile of UniLoop and its non stop flavor production makes it the perfect choice for an all day vape. The inhale and exhale is full of wonderful flavor notions that are identical to the perfect bite of cereal.


UniNuts will drive you… Nuts! The almond, hazelnut, and vanilla ice cream flavor blend is the perfect go to dessert flavor when you are looking for an e juice that provides a never fading flavor experience!

VNLA Custard

Vanilla Custard is the name of the game with this premium vape juice flavor. Both the inhale and exhale produce strong vanilla custard flavor notions to the point where all you can think about for the rest of the day is delicious vanilla custard.