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A new flavor line has come abroad and there is a lot of hype behind them.

After trying both of their flavors, we must say:

Believe the hype.

Happy End E Liquid is one of the newest flavor lines to come into the vaping industry and very quickly they have made the statement that they are here to stay. They are here to stay for a long time and also a good time. E Cigarette Empire has you covered.

Even before picking up their premium vape juice flavors, we have heard a lot about this line and we simply could not resist. Happy End E Liquid currently has two flavors in the line, Blue Cotton Candy and Pink Cotton Candy.

Needless to say, Happy End is certainly an accurate way to describe both of these delicious juices.

Pink Cotton Candy

Pink Cotton Candy takes on a delectable flavor profile of freshly spun cotton candy that has a slight strawberry fruit sensation in the background. At first taste, our immediate reaction was that it was very sweet. Our mouths started drooling immediately but it was not overwhelming nor overbearing. Through and through it was a wonderful and pleasant vaping experience.

Blue Cotton Candy

Blue Cotton Candy has almost the same story as the other flavor by Happy End E Liquid except you can taste the blue raspberry and blueberry fruit notions during the undertone. Again, this liquid is very sweet and will certainly take care of any sweet tooth cravings in the world no matter how strong.

Both of these flavors quickly became popular and are in the spotlight. When someone asks for a sweet vape juice recommendation, my first finger point would definitely be in the Happy End E Liquid direction.