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If you want to experience the best that the vaping industry has to offer, you're just going to have to Keep It 100. Until Keep It 100 appeared on the scene, the world of e-liquid had a serious problem. Powerful sub-ohm vaping devices were all the rage, and people were using more e-liquid -- and buying lower nicotine strengths -- than ever. Unfortunately, the industry hadn't yet caught up with the community's changing preferences, and most e-liquid brands were still charging way too much for their products. 

Keep It 100 was one of the first e-liquid companies to come out and say, "Hey, e-liquid doesn't need to cost so much." The company released a great selection of affordable e-liquids in big 100 ml bottles, and the rest is history. Even if you haven't tried a single Keep It 100 e-liquid yet, you still have this company to thank for the fact that no one can get away with overcharging for vape juice anymore. 

Who Is Keep It 100?

Keep It 100 is one of the brands of Liquid Labs, an e-juice maker based in New Jersey. The fact that Liquid Labs makes its own vape juice in house is a big part of how they're able to sell their products at such affordable prices. Liquid Labs manufactures its e-liquids in an ISO 7-certified clean room environment with strict lot tracking, and they even sterilize equipment before producing a batch of nicotine-free e-liquid to ensure that no contamination can take place.

Whether you're buying Keep It 100 or one of the many other brands produced by Liquid Labs, you know you're getting something made according to the highest possible standards.

What Are the Best Keep It 100 E-Liquids?

Blue Slushie Iced

Everyone loves a blue slushie from the local convenience store, but there's just one problem with almost every e-liquid recreating the flavor of that fast food treat: A slush is served cold, but vapor is warm. Well, Blue Slushie Iced has the solution for that. This e-liquid begins with a flawless blue slush base that tastes just like your favorite blue raspberry slushie, and it finishes with a hint of menthol that makes your mouth feel cool and gives you the impression that you're drinking a real ice-cold slush.

Mallow Man

It's hard to say no to a marshmallow, and Keep It 100 has used Mallow Man as an opportunity to present that classic flavor profile in a whole new light. Imagine taking a big, gooey marshmallow and toasting it over a campfire before sandwiching it between two sugar cookies. If you've never tried that while on a camping trip, we highly recommend it -- and until you do try it, Mallow Man perfectly recreates that experience in vapor form. It's not just a camping trip in a bottle; it's a feast for the senses.

Nilla Almond

Here's a rarity in the e-liquid world. The seductive flavor of sweet almond is widely used in vape juice, but it's usually in the background of a more complex blend. In Nilla Almond, sweet almond finally has a chance to take center stage. This isn't an e-liquid that tastes like boring almond milk, though. Rather, it's like drinking a big class of cool milk with some added vanilla beans and sweet almond extract -- it's almost like milk flavored with marzipan. Believe us when we say you've never had another e-liquid quite like this one.

Keep It 100: Bottle Sizes and Nicotine Strengths

The name should probably provide a bit of a clue; Keep It 100 e-liquids ship in 100 ml bottles. The large bottle size was revolutionary when the brand first launched, and it remains an adequate amount of e-liquid for several days of vaping even with today's thirsty vape equipment. Keep It 100's standard e-liquids are available in strengths of 0, 3 and 6 mg.

Are you an owner of a pod vaping system? If that's the case, you need nicotine salt e-liquid in order to have a satisfying vaping experience with your lower-temperature device. Keep It 100 Salt is here to keep your pod system happy. Keep It 100 Salt's three delicious flavors come in a bottle size of 30 ml and are available with a nicotine strength of 40 mg.

One of the Most Influential Vape Brands

Keep It 100 is a premium e juice brand that has taken a hip slogan and made it into a delicious flavor line! This brand is relatively new and ever since they have released their original flavors they have been nothing but a fan favorite. Upon debuting their flavors, they blew up all over social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

They released a lot of cool clothing such as hats and t-shirts along with their vape juices. One of the favorites is Blue Slushie. Blue Slushie has the flavor profile of a blue raspberry iced drink that is very strong in fruit flavor and also has a little bit of a menthol undertone. Even if you do not like menthol e juices, we would suggest giving this premium vape juice a try!

E Cigarette Empire recommends all of Keep It 100’s flavors to vapers of any kind and you can find them here for the lowest prices on the internet!