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The Custard Shoppe is a brand new and popular e juice flavor line from the creators of Jam Monster. As you all know Jam Monster took an extremely popular flavor profile, toast and jam, and perfected it causing it to be one of the most sought after vape juices on the modern day market.

Now that The Custard Shoppe is here we are starting to see history repeat itself. Custard is one of the most popular e juice flavors as well and we can say that they have mastered the fruit custard pie flavor profile too. This new flavor line was released and it debuted three main flavors which were Blackberry, Butterscotch, and Raspberry. Each e juice was made with only the finest ingredients which is why Jam Monster is an e juice brand known to make only premium quality liquids.

Anyone who likes custard, pie, or desserts in general this new flavor line is right up your alley. I can say that all three of The Custard Shoppe’s flavors are all day vapes and do not ruin coils like other dessert juice flavors do. We recommend this flavor line to anyone and everyone!