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Our mission at E Cigarette Empire is to bring you your favorite premium e juice brands at the best possible price. (please stay tuned with our e juice deals page as it changes every Monday). The industry seems to be moving towards bigger e liquid bottles rather than 15ML and 30ML bottles. Don’t get confused, we still have PLENTY of 30ML bottles of premium e juices. However, we also carry plenty of 120ML e liquid and even bigger. We can guarantee cheaper prices than most other stores or retailers. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to get your vape on. If you are unable to find a large size bottle that fits your price range,take a look at our clearance page as well. We carry some 120ML juice bottles for as low as $19.95. These gigantic bottles come in all shapes and sizes, such as traditional glass bottles, or even plastic unicorn bottles. We feel that plastic unicorn bottles are easier for carrying, dripping, and refilling. On top of the price point, 120ML premium e juice bottles save you some time, let’s be real here, as much as we all love vaping, nobody has time to be going back and forth to the vape shop. If you buy a bottle you will get a lot more liquid per purchase that will last you a lot longer than a small 30ML. This way you will always have your favorite premium e liquids stocked and ready to vape. We have unique and rare vape juice that you can find in 120ML bottles such as Bad Drip, Treats, The Schwartz, Beard Vape Co, Donuts, 7 Daze, The Vaping Rabbit, Naked 100, Lost Art Liquids, Cuttwood, Uncle Junks Genius Juice and many many more! We even carry brands that sell their e-juice in sizes bigger than 120ML, check out one of our top sellers such as One Hit Wonder. They sell 180ML vape juice bottles. Also be sure to look at Bazooka E-Juice, they come in 200ML bottles.Burst by Unicorn E-Liquid is another example, they provide 180ML worth of e cig juice divded between 6 30ML unicorn bottles. A lot of the brands you see in 30ML bottles, we also carry in larger bottles as well. For example, Marshmallow Man, and Marshmallow Man 2 by Marina Vape can be found in both 30ML and 120ML bottle size. Another Example is Brew #88, and #22 by Brewell Vapory can also be found in both size verities. We carry the Ruthless e-juices , such as Ez Duz It, Swamp Thang, Jungle Fever, and Slurricaine in both 30ML and 120ML too. That being said, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to finding the precious e-liquid you want in the size you want. Overall, the bigger bottle is the way to go if you've found a flavor that you really like, you are a heavy vaper that flies through juice, or just like to save money. We pride ourselves on our selection of your favorite brands. Take a moment to go through our inventory and see what fits your desires. We promise you will be happy with our selection, and find a new e cig juice you will love! Cheers!

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