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Spearmint, Mint, and peppermint. These are all perfect examples of menthol. Menthol is a minty kick that gives the taste buds and taste palate a nice refreshing wake up call. A lot of people switch from cigarettes to a vape for the pure reason that it is nearly not as bad for you. With that being said people who like menthol were looking for menthol flavored e juice. Because of this demand many premium e liquid brands have produced extravagant tasting menthol vape juices. In this category you will find brand such as Naked 100, Ruthless, and Cosmic Fog. Also in this category you will find hybrid flavors. A hybrid flavor is like a fruit menthol. This way you can experience the best of both worlds! E Cigarette Empire highly recommends that you dive head first into this drop down category. You will find a lot of amazing things here!