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The One by Beard Vape Co is a brand that we here at E Cigarette Empire are extremely passionate about! For a company as big as Beard Vape Co to name a line of their “The One” is a huge deal, and sets a lot of anticipation for these flavor profiles. Let us be the first to tell you that every juice that we have tried from this line has lived up to its hype!

Based out of sunny Southern California, The One by Beard Vape Co is set out to have you smiling just like the weather in LA would! These guys have some very unique and rigorous testing procedures for all of their products so that they ensure that we vapers get only the best from the best!

There are a couple different flavors from this line as of right now, and they are all delicious. The first of which is Lemon Crumble Cake! The flavor profile here, as you might have guessed, is a delicious melt in your mouth lemon crumble cake. The balance between the boldness and zest of a lemon flavor and that sugar rush that you get from a cake is incredible.

The other two flavors that we carry from The One are Blueberry Donut Cereal Milk and Strawberry Donut Cereal Milk. Talk about cramming all of the greatest breakfast flavors in the world into one incredible e liquid! Both the strawberry and blueberry versions of this e juice are so amazing because you can identify all of the flavors in the name individually with every hit!

E Cigarette Empire carries 100ML bottles of all The One by Beard Vape Co vape liquids in industry standard nicotine levels!