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You look a little parched. Do you need a drink? Something to rejuvenate those taste buds? Well here at E Cigarette Empire we have a whole e juice flavor category dedicated to you! The beverage connoisseur. When it comes to e liquid flavors, beverage flavored is very popular. Let's say that you like sweet flavored vape juice well it sounds like you would love some lemonade! Beverage flavors can range anywhere from lemonade, apple juice, iced tea, or even a milkshake! The possibilities are endless. New found vapers usually dabble around with this flavor category first just because there are tons of gems to be found here in the beverage flavor e juice category! Took a look around; we highly encourage you. But let there be a fair warning. Once you enter this dimension you will never go back. You will be hooked for life at first vape hit. Watch out.