Need some energy? So do we… The team here at E Cigarette Empire comes to the shop early in the morning so that we can package and ship out all of your premium vape supplies. Throughout our day we may end up tired and in need of an energy boost. So what do we do? We go through our list of premium vape juice brands and we grab one of High Voltage Vaporz’ e liquids, throw it in the tank, and let it rip. High Voltage Vaporz is an awesome brand that has based their flavors off of your favorite energy drinks. The two flavors are Green Energy and Red Energy. Due to copyright reasons, we imagine they had to be vague when naming their flavors. However if you just look at the bottle graphics you will be able to tell which energy drink they mimic. All of High Voltage Vaporz juices are spot and genuine. We find it pretty incredible that they were able to nail such complex flavor profiles perfectly. They come in 0MG, 3MG, and 6MG in 30ML bottles. If you are looking for a unique experience with an extra kick to it… try High Voltage Vaporz.
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red energy electric edition e juice by high voltage vaporz 30ml green energy electric edition e juice by high voltage vaporz 30ml
Red Energy Beverage Green Energy Beverage